Friday, January 25, 2008


I think I am finally getting into the hang of writing every single day. I'm very fortunate to have a job that lets me get writing done during the day. After a year of working a ten hour a day job where writing was impossible I am very, very appreciative.

AW-to-AI-gap-bridging-short story is growing by leaps and bounds. I vowed to keep it a short story, but if it winds up a novella I really don't care. I'm having too much fun with it. I am still sticking to a greater economy of language then I've used in the past so the result is a lot more fast-paced and easy to read, I think. Unfortunately, for the life of me I can't think of a title. So it's still Rose's Thorn even though that title doesn't have anything much to do with the story at this point.

Thanks to a twelve hour day in the middle of the week and the boss being out of the office all week I've been able to get a lot of writing on it done. Also, Aphrodite's Apples has announced the next installment of their fantasy GLBT anthology series and I'm going to try and get a piece done for that. I have a short F/F piece I wrote about a year ago and never did anything with that I'm thinking about dusting off.

Now that this update has thoroughly thrilled you all, back to writing.

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