Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tor books and Robert Jordan's widow select author for final Wheel of Time novel


I haven't heard of Brandon Sanderson before, but he gets my vote based on this comment:

"Personally, I feel indebted to you. You showed me what it was to have vision and scope in a fantasy series--you showed me what could be done. I still believe that without your success, many younger authors like myself would never have had a chance at publishing their dreams. You go quietly, but leave us trembling."

I could have written these words because I feel the exact same way. If not for Jordan's ambition I would never have had the courage to attempt what I am attempting with Fool's Game. Jordan created an example to a new generation of authors, an example that said "You can think big. You can make a story as huge and as ambitious as you want and if it's good people will read it and stick with it." I think it's important that the man finishing the series understands the legacy of both Jordan and his work. I have a good feeling about this.

Man, I really need to get caught up on Wheel of Time books.

As for my own writing I'm spending time each day shopping Fool's Game: The Son of the Rain to agents. And while I know it's highly unlikely I'll hear anything before the new year it feels good to be working on it solidly again. And for those fans of Apocalypse Woman who may be disappointed to see me devoting so much time to a manuscript that doesn't contain any demon sex, or lesbianism, or gangbangs on church altars or anything like that; let me assure you that work on Apocalypse Incarnation is proceding steadily as well :)

And since the Midwest is blanketed in ice and I'm one of the fortunate few who still has electricity for the time being, I leave you with the following quote:

"A man may say he enjoys the winter, but what he really enjoys is having proof against it."-Richard Adams, Watership Down

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